Seminar Oslo

Thank you for the awesome seminar in Tenshinkan, Oslo this weekend. 

Kjetil Hartlebrekke 

Thank you Kjetil and all the others who came from different Dojos all over Norway. And, of course, thanx Mona and Lars for kind invitation and organisation of the seminar!

It is always a pleasure practicing with you guys from Norway - the group being very attentive, open minded, ready to learn, cooperating. It is a pity that we do not have any fotos or films from that seminar! The foto here is not from Oslo, but from Frankfurt - just to see something. 
In a way you are right: The most important is not the outside image, it is the truth we are able to touch with our hearts instead. May be you are wondering that I have given so much -
it is because you are giving so much to me! Students shoshin  inspires the teacher.