Bei meinem letzten Aufenthalt in Oslo habe ich ein kleines Buch geschenkt bekommen mit dem Titel "Aikido Preparatory Exercises" mit Suganuma Morito Sensei. Darin zitiert er zum Beispiel
Masahiro Yasuoka Sensei. He defined three ways of keeping physically and mentally fit for the busy person, and practiced them for himself.

1. Always carry the Spirit of Happiness in your mind. No matter how hard things get, you should have some space for the Spirit of Happiness, deep in your mind. For example, should someone say something bad to you, attempt to slander or pass rumors behind your back, naturally will get mad, but even so inside your mind you should think, "Wait, this is actually a good opportunity for me to reflect upon myself. It will help me grow as a human being. Good, good."

2. Always be thankful. Be thankful for a bowl of rice. Be thankful for having had a safe year, even in the face of misfortune. Be thankful for everything that comes our way, big or small.

3. Always act charitably in secret. Aspire to do a good deed all the time, even when no one is looking. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, volunteer at every opportunity.

As lon a you practice these three ways of spending a healthy and happy life, your fortunes will grow.