Im Vorbeistreifen gepflückt

Aikido means different things to different people: some may consider it to be an ideal fitness activity; others will view it as an ideal self-defense system. We think that Aikido may come to mean a lot more: it can become a path through which you will know yourself better, or even change yourself for the better.

Reflections on the surface of a pool of water will tell you little about its depth. It is better to light a candle than damn the darkness.

The rules which govern nature also govern Aikido. Even a small bird can fly in stormy weather; however, she must not resist the wind. Instead, she should use its momentum to her own profit. You can successfully navigate a small boat on high seas – provided that you know how to sail the waves. The same applies to Aikido students – they learn how to receive their opponents' momentum and then, in turn, try to use it to their own gain, instead of resisting.

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