Seminar mit Sharon Friedman im Seishinkai

Wir hatten ein wundervolles Seminar - "the Inner Sword" - mit Sharon Friedman aus Tel Aviv. - We had a wonderful seminar with Sharon Friedman.

Hier sind zwei der zehn Punkte, die Sharon für diese tiefe Arbeit vorbereitet hatte - please notice two of the ten points Sharon has prepared for deeper research:

"There is no such thing as relaxed and tensed. Simply differnet levels of tension. Some is useful and some harmful. Be vigilant in your awareness to your tension and bring the right amount to each breath."

"All the shapes and movements of the earth an sky are within you. Allow your spirit to manifest in new forms, movements and thoughts. It is called being alive."

Thank you Sharon - let's continue the journey! It brings Aikido people and Systema people together :-)